Add Printer to Laptop

It is quite simple to Add Printer to Laptop, you just need to follow some easy instructions. The printer comes with unique software and drivers which is specific to the printer model number and brand. As the printers are often used by multiple users, most of the printer manufacturers have made the availability of software installation easier. A user can also Add Printer to laptop just by connecting the shared printer over the network. In this guide, we are going to discuss the simple process that a user can follow for adding the printer to the laptop. Make sure that you follow the guidelines carefully, this will help you to avoid the hassles in the process.

Add Printer to Laptop

How Can I Add Printer To Laptop?

Following are the simple step-by-step instructions to Add Printer To Laptop:

  • Take out the installation CD that you got with the printer. Now, you need to insert the CD into the CD drive of the laptop and proceed with the installation process.

  • In case, you do not have an installation CD, you can simply visit the printer manufacturer’s website to download the drivers. Open the website, and find the support section for your printer model. Download the printer drivers from there and install the drivers on your laptop to connect the printer to a laptop for printing the documents.

  • After the installation of software and driver for the printer, plug in the printer cable to the USB port of your laptop. Your laptop must recognize the printer immediately.

  • If the printer that you want to add printer to laptop is connected to some other computer on the same network to which your laptop is connected, then you can share the printer without adding it to the laptop. Go to the computer connected to the printers. Click on the ‘Start’ button and from the Start menu, click on the Control Panel.

  • In the Control panel, choose ‘Network and Internet’ option and then click on the ‘Network and Sharing Center’. Click on the arrow present next to the ‘Printer Sharing’ option. Choose the ‘Turn On Printer Sharing’ option and then click on the Apply button. Your shared printer must be turned on, so be sure about it.

  • Now, from your ‘Laptop’, click on the ‘Start’ button. In the search box, type ‘’ and after that the name of your computer with the attached shared printer. For example – you can enter “\mydesktop’. Hit the enter button.

  • You will see a folder open on your screen. From that folder, double click on the ‘Printers’ option. You must be able to see the shared printer on the network. Double click on the shared printer. The Windows will add printer to laptop automatically and also install the required drivers and software.

  • Tap on the Next button to complete the process.

That’s All! After following these simple guidelines your printer will be added to the laptop and you can check it in the ‘Printers’ folder. The mentioned guidelines are very simple and easy. In case, you are unable to add printer to laptop, then we recommend you visit the printer manufacturer website and look for the troubleshooting solutions to fix the problem. Also, make sure that your laptop supports the printer model, otherwise, you won’t be able to add it.

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