Epson Connect Printer Setup

Now, the users can set up their Epson printer right with the help of complete Epson Connect Printer Setup instructions. The basic setup process involves the software setup and hardware setup. At the rime of the basic setup process, a user needs to be careful about choosing the right printer drivers. The right set of printer software and drivers helps in the smooth and hassle-free functioning of the printer. Also, updated drivers can help in improving the performance of the printer. In this guide, we are going to discuss the simple instructions for Epson Connect Printer Setup. Complete the setup process and enjoy using the amazing features of the Epson Printer.

Epson Connect Printer Setup for the Windows

The following are simple steps that help the users to enable Epson Connect for the Epson Printer Windows operating system.

Important – Make sure to set up the product using the Ethernet Connection or Wireless Connection as mentioned on the Start Here Sheet of the Product. 

To check the ‘Start here’ sheet. Visit the Epson Support, choose the product and go to the manuals. After that, click on the ‘Start Here’ option.

  • Download and Install ‘Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility’.

  • Agree to the ‘End-User License Agreement’ and tap on the Next.

  • Click on the ‘Install’ option and then tap to finish.

  • Choose your product and tap on the Next.

  • Choose the ‘Printer Registration’ option and tap on the Next.

  • Click on the Agree and then Next.

  • When you see a message ‘ Register a printer to Epson Connect’ tap on the Ok option to proceed with the Epson printer install process. Do one of the following: 

    • If you want to create a new account, submit the ‘Create an Epson Connect Account’ form after filling the necessary details and then tap on the Finish. 
    •  To register a new product with an existing account, choose ‘I already have an account’ option, fill ‘Add a new printer’ form and click on the ‘Add’ option. 
  • Tap on the Close.

That’s All! Your Epson connect setup for Windows is now completed. Let’s proceed with the setup for MAC:

Epson Connect Printer Setup for Mac

This product is supposed to be set up by using the network connection before Epson Connect Setup. For setting up the connection, go to the ‘Start Here’ sheet of the product to know about the instructions. To open the sheet, go to the main page of Epson Support, choose the product. Click on Manuals and Warranty and then Start Here option. 

  • Download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility and run it on your device.

  • Tap on the Continue.

  • Agree with the License Terms and Conditions by tapping on Continue and then ‘Agree’.

  • Tap to install and then click on the Close option.

  • Choose your product and then tap on the Next.

Important – If you are unable to open the Window automatically, click on the ‘Finder Window’ option and choose ‘Application>> Epson Software’. After that double click on the ‘Epson Connect Printer Setup’ option.

  • Choose the ‘Printer Registration’ option and tap on the Next.

  • When ‘Register a printer to Epson Connect’ displays on the screen, click on the Ok option.

  • Scroll down and accept the Terms and Conditions. After that, tap to the Next. Do one of the following:

    • To create a new account, fill ‘Create an Epson Connect Account’ form and tap on the Finish. 
    • If you want to register the new product with an existing account, click on ‘I already have an account’ option and fill the ‘Add a new printer form’. After that, click to add.
  • Tap on the Close option.

With this, your Epson connect printer setup is completed. For driver updates of software installation, you can always visit the Epson Printer official website and complete the process.

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