My Printer is Offline How to fix

“When I turned on my Printer, it displayed me an Offline Error, My Printer is offline how to fix it?” Every day, so many people encounter this error with their printer. The reason behind the error occurrences could be anything from outdated printer drivers to improper communication between the printer and computer. Printer offline error is just like a fake friend who always let you down. So, instead of being panic about ‘My printer is offline how to fix’ problem, just follow the simple troubleshooting guidelines and fix the printer offline problem.

Printer Offline, How to Fix?

It may sound weird, but sometimes the answer to your query is right in front of your face. Today we will share the simple troubleshooting guidelines that will help you to fix the Printer offline WIndows 10. Our guidelines cover all the major brands like Brother, HP, Epson, Canon, etc.

Have a look at the following troubleshooting steps:

If your printer randomly display the offline error, and you are using the WiFi connection, then there can be coverage related problems. To check, follow the given steps:

  • Access Printer Diagnostic Panel on the printer’s LCD screen. IN case, you do not have an LCD enabled printer, you can check through the control panel.

  • Look for the wireless connectivity. If it is displaying offline then you need to reconnect the printer to a wireless connection.

  • Check whether your system has WiFi radio checked on. You can disconnect it easily on your laptop by pressing the FN+F3 key.

  • Move your printer closer to the system and run it through the installation wizard. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and this will include the printer software installation and connecting the printer to PC.

These troubleshooting guidelines could be an answer to your query ‘My printer is offline how to fix’. If you still facing the trouble, proceed to the next given troubleshooting guidelines.

Update the Printer drivers

Printer Driver updates can help you to fix the printer offline error. For the driver updates, you can follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Start>>Device Manager>>Find the device in the list.

  • Choose the device and after that right-click on Update driver.

  • Select ‘Use the Search Automatically for the Updated Driver Software’ option.

  • If the Windows is unable to find the driver then you can visit the Printer’s manufacturer website and download the drivers.

Force the Status of Printer to Online

You can force the Wireless Printer status manually to go online. The steps can be the simple answer to your question ‘printer offline how to fix?’.

  • Uninstall the printer through device manager.

  • Choose your printer and click ‘Remove Device’ option.

  •  Now, add your printer, choose ‘Printers and Scanners’ option and then Add a printer.

  • Now, the Windows will scan your computer and install the printer.

Hopefully, these quick fixes will help you to fix printer offline Windows 10. If you still have a doubt, we recommend you to contact the printer experts and seek their help to troubleshoot the problems. 

Printer Offline Fix Windows 10