Printer Not Printing Anything

Printers deliver great outcomes when it comes to work, but at the same time, a single printer problem can also be extremely annoying. One of those annoying problems is ‘Printer not printing the document’. We cannot deny the fact that the printers can work hassle-free for many years, but the printer malfunctioning can also occur anytime and stop the printer from working. Your printing may suddenly start spouting out the error messages and stop printing. So, what to be done when the Printer not printing the documents? Well! For that, you can read this guide and discover the most effective solution to fix your problem.

Printer Not Printing

Check the Basics

Most of the time, we overlook the printer basics which is the main reason behind the occurrence of problems. There are certain points you must take care of as mentioned below:

  • Is your printer turned on?

  • Does it have a toner or paper?

  • Is the printer connected to the printer?

  • Does the printer have the power supply?

If you consider these basic aspects, problems like printer won’t print can be avoided.

Printer Stopped Working After the System Upgrade

This is the reason why users should wait for a bit before they install the new Operating System upgrade on their system. If your printer stops printing the documents after an upgrade then you need to update the printer drivers. Check with your printer manufacturer and see if the latest printer drivers are available. After that, install the drivers on your device.

In case the drivers are not available, you can send a note to the manufacturer asking about the availability of the drivers.

Printer Causes the Paper Jam Errors

It doesn’t matter how easy is it to clear the paper jams. These jams can occur anytime due to which the printer won’t print the documents. Thus, you need to clear the paper jams. 

Be careful while clearing the paper jams, make sure that every jam has been cleared. 

In case, there is still the occasional jam, you can start using the special papers which are designed for cleaning the Platens, Rollers, and the other objects in the paper bath. These cleaning sheets are easily available in the office supply store.

Printer Ink Toner Issues

The Ink and Toner Problems in the printer may include fading and streaking ( indicated the dirty print head) or low running toner in the laser printer. 

 For Inkjet printer

The printer head requires proper cleaning. You can use the Printing utility app to fix the Printer not printing documents problem. This application comes with a good cleaning option. There are usually two options available light clean and heavy clean. You can start with the light clean first and if the problem is not fixed, go for the heavy clean option. 

For Laser-based printers

Low toner can be the reason behind the printer, not working problem, thus a user needs to change the toner. If you do not have, toner cartridge handy, you can extender the current cartridge life by removing the printer toner and tipping the cartridge slowly from side to side. Make sure that the cartridge is closed while you are doing this.

This way, you can smoothly deal with the printer not printing problem. For the driver installation, you can visit the manufacturer site or you can use tools like Driver Easy. Once the problem is solved, you can continue with the smooth printing functions.

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